2016 VFP National Convention

A Just and Sustainable Future for the World's Children

Friday, August 12:   1:45 - 3:15pm

 Presenter Location
Challenging Corporate Rule (TPP), Creating Democracy
David Cobb

Milly Harmon
 Conference Center (CC)
Deported Veterans Support House National Initiatives
Willie Hager
CC Room 102
Ending All War to build a sustainable for the world's children (WBW)
Elliott Adams

David Hartsough
CC Room 104
Mind-Body Practices for Supporting Recovery, Resilience, and Peace WithinDaniel Libby  
John Jadryev

Nicole Waybright
CC Room 204
Post Cold War Caucus
 Garden Room
 What is Happening in Syria, and What Should We Do? Patrick McCann
 CC Room 203

Friday, August 12:   3:30 - 5:00pm

 Title Presenter Location
Challenging Israeli Blockade of Gaza: Women's Boat to GazaAnn Wright
 Conference Center (CC)
 Who Gets To Tell The History of the Vietnam War:  You or the Pentagon? 
Doug Rawlings
 CC Room 102
 Designing a World of PeaceMike Haynes
 CC Room 104
 National Homeless Veterans Working Group/ Challenges to solutions, Best Practices
Maurice Martin
 CC Room 203
 GI Rights Hotline CounselingSteve Morse CC Room 204
 The US Arms Trade to Mexico, Its Human Cost, and What We DoJohn Lindsay-Poland Garden Room